From: Flores Guerrero Eduardo Jose
Sent: Dec. 1 2020

Subject: Estate donated in your favor

I have decided to donate my estate to you, for your personal benefits and for the wellbeing of the elders and less privileged who need help in your community. To get more details please write me on this specified email address: {removed}

From: David Harder
Sent: Dec. 1 2020

Hello Flores,

I think you should help people buy winter tires.

You cannot imagine the difference that winter tires can make in the life of a small child. For just $150 a month, the same cost as 75 huge cups of mediocre coffee, you can provide a child with one Hakkapeliitta studded winter tire. That child can go forward with confidence knowing that whatever happens, they will have better traction out on the highway and around town.

I would like to tell you the story of little Darryl. Darryl comes from a down-trodden region called Saskatchewan. Each day he waited at the end of his lane for the school bus to pick him up. This month, he would be waiting in the cold and the dark, alone. With the support of people like you, Darryl was able to outfit his 2005 Sunfire with winter tires. Now, Darryl is happy and healthy knowing that he no longer has to wait for the bus, and sit near other children, he can drive himself to school.

Friend, I am asking for your monthly support to benefit the countless other children less fortunate than Darryl. Please, donate today.